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Saturday, June 4, 2011

Organix Mama All Day Moisture Lotion

OrganixMama All Day Moisture  Lotion

OrganixMama All Day Moisture Lotion conditions your tummy naturally with nourishing cocoa butter  & shea butter.  Our unique blend of olive oil, sunflower oil and vitamin E & B5 help minimize the appearance of stretch marks resulting from pregnancy.  Want a smooth, healthy & supple skin so that you can flaunt your bikini?  Use this lotion post-pregnancy.

Pack size : 250ml RM49.90

Organix Mama Belly Oil

OrganixMama Belly Oil

Condition your tummy with naturally nourishing OrganixMama belly oil.  It’s specifically formulated with natural Olive Oil and Sunflower Oil to help minimize the appearanceof stretch marks resulting from pregnancy.  Continue to use post-pregnancy to help your tummy regain smooth healthy-looking skin.

Pack size : 100ml RM59.90

Baby Organix Baby Feeding Bottle Wash

Baby Feeding Bottle Wash

This feeding bottle wash is naturally formulated to clean all baby bottles, feeding accessories, nipples, toys, vegetables. Lime Oil & Citric Acid are naturally derived for its anti-bacteria property, so that is safe for cleaning baby items. This cleanser is bio-degradable, thus eco-friendly which will does no harm to the earth. Having no harsh chemical means that it is even gentle to the mummy’s hand that washes all the tiny little accessories for their love one.

Pack size : 200ml RM18.90 & 800ml RM28.90

Baby Organix Nappy RashCure Cream

Nappy RashCure Cream

Protect your baby’s little booty, the gentle, natural way! BabyOrganix Nappy Rash Cure Cream is made with Sunflower Oil, Olive oil, Shea Butter & Cocoa Butter to soothe and comfort baby’s precious skin. Vitamin E nourishes while prebiotics alpha-glucan oligosaccharides heals and protect baby delicate skin from nappy rash.  This cream is great for babies with allergies and sensitive skin as it does not contain any harsh chemical.

Pack Size : 50g RM29.90

Baby Organix Massage Oil

Massage Oil

Want your baby to sleep safe and soundly?  Treat them a relaxing and calming massage with our Lavender Calming baby massage oil. The olive oil and sunflower oil help soften and smooth baby’s skin while the Lavender essential oil calms and relaxes your baby. 

Pack size : 100ml RM29.90

Baby Organix Vitamin Baby Lotion

Vitamin Baby Lotion

Treat your baby's precious skin to this moisturising lotion, featuring natural emollients like shea butter & cocoa butter to seal in moisture. Our unique formula includes nourishing botanicals like sunflower and olive oils to soothe baby's skin, as well as aloe vera and alpha-glucan oligosaccharide to protect and heal dryness and rash.  Enriched with Vitamin B5 and Vitamin E, a natural anti-oxidant, this baby lotion is just perfect to make them stay happy all day long.

Pack size : 250ml RM39.90

Baby Organix Top to Toe Cleanser

Top to Toe Cleanser

Cleanse your baby with our gentle top to toe cleanser.  It gently cleanses the hair & body of the babies with its mild cleansing formulation,while vitamin E, aloe vera & calendula help restore the moisture of the skin.  It is gentle on baby’s eyes and ideal for the whole family.  Scented with food grade flavour, strawberry this top to toe cleanser is surely to give your baby an enjoyable bath.

Pack size : 400ml RM32.90