*Did you know that at any time of the day, 20% of women in the world are menstruating? It is an inseparable part of women’s life. You can choose to have it in an eco-friendly way by converting to using Cloth Menstrual Pads.

*Soap-making classes and Sewing classes for beginner are available starting January 2012. Please email sweetprettystuff@gmail.com for more info.

*I also do house calling if there's a group of more than 5 (within Klang Valley only)


2 pcs Momiji Pack Small - RM40 / USD13.90
2 pcs Momiji Pack Medium - RM45 / USD15.70
2 pcs Momiji Pack Large - RM50 / USD17.40

1 pc Sweet Pretty Stuff Pad Regular - (Microchamois) - 9" in length - RM23 / USD8.00
1 pc  Sweet Pretty Stuff Pad Large (Microchamois) - 10" in length - RM27 / USD9.70

1 pc Sweet Pretty Stuff Pad Regular (Minky) - 9" in length - RM26 / USD9.30
1 pc  Sweet Pretty Stuff Pad Large (Minky) - 10" in length -  RM30 / USD10.80

1 pc Momiji Pack Night - RM35 / USD12.20
1 pc Momiji Wet Bag - RM30 / USD10.40
2 pc Bamboo Velour Pantyliners RM30 / USD10.40

Installments allowed for purchases above RM100. Items will be delivered once full payment is received.

Free Postage within Peninsular Malaysia if purchase more than 10 pcs of pad or more than 5 packs of pads only.

Colours Available for Small/Medium/Large - Pink, Red, Petit Flower, Pink&Brown, Flower Passion
Colours Available for Night - Pink, Red, Petit Flower, Flower Passion, Pink & Brown
Colours Available for Wet Bag - Cherry Flower & Red Flower