*Did you know that at any time of the day, 20% of women in the world are menstruating? It is an inseparable part of women’s life. You can choose to have it in an eco-friendly way by converting to using Cloth Menstrual Pads.

*Soap-making classes and Sewing classes for beginner are available starting January 2012. Please email sweetprettystuff@gmail.com for more info.

*I also do house calling if there's a group of more than 5 (within Klang Valley only)

How to Use?

- Wash new pad separately a few times and sun-dry before first use.
- Place label-side of the pad down on inside of panty gusset and align lengthwise along it.
- Fold wings towards outside of panty bottom to meet each other.
- Fasten buttons together.

How to fold after use?
- Fold the used pads as in the illustrations.
- You can keep them in waterproof purse or zipper bag
  until you can soak and/or wash them

If the used pad is left as it is for a long time,
the blood get dried up and it would be difficult to remove the stain totally.
So we recommend you to put some water on the surface of the pad
when you change it, fold and keep it in the purse or waterproof bag.
It will help you to wash the pads more easily at home.

How to Wash?

Find basic and easy washing instructions as below:
- Soak used pads in water and squeeze excess water from the pads.
  Washing directly after use is also possible.
  Wash pads by hand with soap or machine with other clothes and get dried by sunshine.
- If you have difficulty in washing pads immediately after use,
  soak pads in lukewarm water until the next laundry.
  Putting soap or detergent into the soaking water will also help it.
  The water in the container should be changed once a day.

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