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Friday, April 1, 2011

Lady Cup Menstrual Cup (Size L) Blue Cup

LadyCup® is a new menstrual cup, designed to be introduced similarly to a tampon. During menstruation, menstrual blood is collected in the menstrual cup. LadyCup® is made exclusively of medical silicone. No bacteria can remain on its entirely smooth surface, it does not absorb any liquids, and thus no changes of the natural vaginal environment occur.

Price is RM145 per piece. Comes with a small pouch, instruction leaflet all packed into a box as shown below.

When handling LadyCup®, make sure your hands are thoroughly clean! Disinfect LadyCup® before the first use. LadyCup® can be boiled (cca. 5 min.) or sterilized using a solution made from sterilization tablets. To ensure easier introduction, use of a water-based lubrication gel is recommended, especially for young girls / women (size S - Small). To introduce / remove LadyCup®, the sitting/standing position is ideal. Before insertion, first fold LadyCup® two times lengthwise. Insert the folded LadyCup® in the vagina. Before the first insertion, your overall relaxation is very important. Therefore try to introduce / remove LadyCup® in a period without menstruation. This strategy is best to find “your” most suitable position to introduce / remove LadyCup®. After some time, this activity will be common for you and will not cause you any major problems. Introducing/removing LadyCup® is not more difficult than introducing / removing a common tampon.

Empty LadyCup® 2-5 times daily depending on the menstrual flow.

Read the attached instructions thoroughly before the first use. Should anything be unclear, do not hesitate to contact us or consult your gynecologist directly.

The material used - silicone, does not cause any known allergies. By using LadyCup®, the risk of bacterial disease is reduced and the occurrence of toxic shock syndrome (TSS), a danger, e.g. in the use tampons, is prevented.

LadyCup® is also suitable for women who suffer from various eczemas or dermal allergies and allergies to tampons or latex materials. LadyCup® is made from an absolutely neutral silicone material, which maintains a healthy vaginal environment and does not dehydrate the mucosa.

Fold it

fold it
Disinfect LadyCup® before every use. Introduce LadyCup® with clean hands and while resting. To facilitate introduction, you can moisten LadyCup® with water or use a water-based lubrication gel. Fold LadyCup® two times lengthwise and insert it. Upon proper insertion, LadyCup® unfolds fully.


You can try to turn LadyCup® slightly while holding its bottom part to ensure proper placement. Properly introduced and with the aid of your vaginal muscles, LadyCup® does not turn and remains in the same position. LadyCup® is placed low inside the vagina. In its proper position, LadyCup® is placed in such a manner that no leaking should occur and there is no feeling of its presence in the body.


LadyCup® retains min. 15,5 - 21,2/26 - 34,3 ml of menstrual blood. Thanks to its design, it is an ideal menstrual aid for all kinds of sports, travelling or common daily usage. LadyCup®can be used safely at night, as well. Your LadyCup® can be used up to 12 hours daily without replacement. The stem design features raised bumps, to allow you to grip the stem better for easier removal. The strength of the silicone used has been chosen to achieve optimum flexibility.

Take out

take out, empty, rinse
Depending on the menstrual flow, empty LadyCup® approximately 2-5 times daily. Upon emptying, just rinse LadyCup® with water. LadyCup® can be also boiled or sterilized in the sterilization solution. Your choice of maintenance depends on your particular situation.

Instructions - warnings
LadyCup® is not a contraceptive. Use your own LadyCup® exclusively for hygienic reasons.

LadyCup® is suitable for all age groups of women. It can be used by girls who have not had sexual intercourse yet or by women who use contraception (intrauterine bodies etc.).

Shortening of the stem
Shorten the stem to “your” length, whichever suits you best. The stem can be cut off entirely, as well. We recommend shortening the stem gradually until you find a suitable length. Pay attention so as not to damage the bottom part of LadyCup®!

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